About me

The fact that you have opened this page probably means you want to know more about me, so here goes. I am David, a Dutch guy who wasn’t quite ready to start working at some big multinational, so decided to start travelling in stead. I received my master’s degree in communication sciences at VU University Amsterdam in 2016 and have always worked as an internet entrepreneur and copywriter on the side.

I love my job and love travelling. As I can do my job anywhere on the world as long as there is Wifi, the decision to combine my two passions was an easy one. While still in preperations at this point, somewhere in July 2016 I will leave the country to start travelling and working on the side indefinitely. This travel blog functions as my diary, as well as a way to talk to other (future) travelers. I will tell you my stories, but also provide you with handy tips that will help you travel better, cheaper and find better destinations.

As of right now (March 2016) this blog is still setting up and it probably will be like that for a while. Let’s call it roundtheglo.be beta. I am still finding out which format works best for me in terms of blogs, so bear with me! Got any tips, questions or remarks? Feel free to contact me using the form below.